National Initiative on Mathematics Education (NIME - 2011-12)

Eastern Regional Conference
Dates: 17-18 December, 2011
Organised by:Department of Mathematics, Patna University
Collaborators:Central University of Bihar, All India Science Teachers Association (Bihar Chapter), & East & West Educational Society, Patna
Venue: Auditorium, Department of Geology, Patna University


Mathematics is inevitably as a core part of the school curriculum across the world. In higher education, it is part of the core curriculum for a wide range of basic and professional courses. However, it is also widely perceived as a difficult subject, not easy to learn, and seldom enjoyable. As a school subject it is a major hurdle in passing the final qualifying examination. Many teachers, educators and mathematicians have responded to the challenge of teaching mathematics effectively in diverse ways: some have developed powerful pedagogical approaches or learning materials, some have introduced innovations in their teaching, some have worked with teachers, some with students, and some have taken up research to understand more deeply the teaching and learning of mathematics.

A regional conference on mathematics education is being organized by Department of Mathematics, Patna University in Auditorium, Department of Geology, Science College, Patna on 17-18 December, 2011. The aim of the regional conference is to bring together on a single platform the important and significant innovations and efforts to improve mathematics education in school and in higher education in the eastern region. The conference aims to build awareness of such efforts in the community of mathematics educators in the region and in the country. Besides, the conference will draw attention to the historical and cultural aspects of mathematics in the region. The proceedings of the conference will form an input for a report on the status of mathematics education in India, which is being compiled under the auspices of the Indian National Science Academy.

This conference is part of the exercise of making a National Presentation in the Twelfth International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME). The ICME congresses are organized once every four years by the International Commission for Mathematics Instruction, a commission of the International Mathematical Union. The ICME is the biggest and arguably the most important international gathering in mathematics education. It is the counterpart in mathematics education of the ICM, which as you know was held last year in Hyderabad. Like the ICM, ICME attendance is 3000+. The National Presentation is a highly visible event in ICME-12. There will be five national presentations at ICME: India, USA, Spain and Latin America together, Singapore, and Korea. The National Presentation consists of an exhibition space which will run through the duration of the conference and a special presentation slot of 90 minutes. The Indian National Presentation, like other presentations will include mathematics education both at School and University levels.

Teachers, educators and mathematicians belonging to the Southern Region are invited to send their submissions to the conference on any one of the following themes:

  1. Historical and cultural aspects of mathematics and mathematics education
  2. Mathematics curriculum and pedagogy at various levels: elementary, secondary and tertiary education, including nurture and enrichment initiatives.
  3. Teacher education and development

Presentations at the conference on these themes can be in the form of a poster exhibit or an audio-visual or oral presentation. For different forms of presentations, authors need to submit a written extended abstract of about 1000 words on their study/ innovation or theoretical analysis. The abstract should contain a brief description of the aim of the study or innovation, the target group, the period of the intervention, description of what was done and the outcomes. Authors must take care to support their claims with evidence. Please send the extended abstract to the email id before 30 September 2011. Alternatively, you may send a hard copy by post to the address note below.

Deadlines and Important dates:

The funds for the conference are limited. But we will try to provide travel support and local hospitality for a limited number of participants. Local hospitality will be provided to all participants whose papers/exhibits are accepted. If you need support from the conference organizers, please fill up attached form and submit it by email before 15 November 2011 on the following address:

  • Dr Vinay K. Kantha
    Department of Mathematics, B. N. College, P.U, Patna- 800 005
  • or
  • Prof K.C. Sinha
    Department of Mathematics,
    Patna University, Patna- 800 005